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At 'Little MillenniumTM', we follow a thoughtfully formulated design language when deciding on preschool infrastructure, that provides a perfect blend of style, aesthetics, reliability, child friendliness and functionality.

Every 'Little MillenniumTM' centre follows a child-centric preschool infrastructure design methodology,which provides a safe and hygienic environment with a crisp colourful ambience for their all round growth and development.

Every piece of preschool infrastructure is carefully selected to suit the growing needs of our young learners. This is backed by quality teaching and learning aids which work together to ensure the all-round holistic development of each child. Excellent preschool infrastructure at every branch of Little Millennium Preschool establishes the preschool as best play school for kids in India.

View the images below to understand the layout of preschool infrastructure and design language followed at Little MillenniumTM: