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Research & Development

The Little Millennium™ approach to education

Little Millennium™ preschool curriculum has been developed by prestigious Research & Development Team, comprising of over 100 experts and experienced early childhood educators. The Seven Petal Curriculum and Eclectic approach towards early childhood education that we follow at Little Millennium™ is an outcome of 15 years of intense research in childhood education and instructional design that focuses on holistic advancement of each child based on Sequential Learning and Development Milestones.

Vision & Mission of R&D
To provide accessible quality education for all by designing innovative products that shape the lives of the people we educate. The Research & Development department, from its beginning, has created content for the entire K-12 segment for different types/genres of schools, spanning a wide spectrum from premium target groups with higher incomes to the lower middle class segment. These efforts have resulted in creating different pedagogically-designed products. R&D also ensures smooth implementation of curriculum developed and designed by its team. Rigorous training programs for master trainers, teachers and the marketing team are held to reiterate the philosophy and methodology of each project and product, as devised by the Research & Development Team.