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Welcome to 'Little Millennium' - The Best Preschool Chain in India

Little Millennium is a part of Educomp Solutions Ltd, India's largest education company and the only firm intrinsically present in the entire educational ecosystem. Owing to it's scientifically researched and result-oriented approach, committed offerings and strong value proposition, Little Millennium preschool has become one of the fastest growing preschool brand in the country today, with 450+ preschool centres across 65 cities having served over 50,000+ children till date.

Little Millennium is among the very first structured, 'process & IP-driven' brands in the early childhood education space. Little Millennium preschools help children take the First Big Step into the world of structured learning. The core value proposition of the brand is in its unique curriculum and well-structured, organised pedagogy that has been developed by Educomp’s prestigious R&D department.